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Networks modems stopping computer powerin up

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Simply Divine, 8 Sep 2003.

  1. Simply Divine

    Simply Divine What's a Dremel?

    5 Apr 2002
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    ok heres the problem. Today I bought a Mentor ADSL pci modem got it home and put it in my comp pressed the power switch.
    Nothin. Wouldn't power up. I took the card out and pressed the power button. PC's workin again. shut it down put the modem in a different slot and try switchin on again.
    Nuthin. OK my modems b0rked methinks. nope i tryed it in my old system and it works fine. hmmm. maybe its drawin too much power ( i have almost no cards in me old pc) so back in me decent PC i take out NIC and put in me Modem. doesn't power up.

    thats it i cannot think of any more reasons why my pc shouldn't power up, but every time I take it out the Modem it works fine. i cant find a manufacturers website or anything useful in google to do with this problem.

    some comp specs

    Mobo - gigabit 7dxr
    CPU - 1GhZ
    Ram - 512Mb
    GPU - 3d blaster geforce 4 4200ti
    other bits, audigy 2, 20gb+8gb HDD, NIC, PCI 56K modem(at the mo neway), DVD-CDwR combo drive. OS - XP pro

    i appreciate ne help
    cheers in advance guys
  2. herbs

    herbs Nobody but us chickens

    7 May 2001
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    Maybe it's not compatable with your board?, I had a gfx card like that which I wanted for a htpc in the end I had to buy a cheap mobo to use it in. The card would work in 4 mobos out the 5 I tested but the one I orignally was going to use. :(

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