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Other Monitor stands

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by thewelshbrummie, 4 Jul 2018.

  1. thewelshbrummie

    thewelshbrummie Active Member

    29 Aug 2009
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    Not sure where to post this but as I'm asking for suggestions for an actual object that can literally be hardware, thought this was the best place. Mods, feel free to move if necessary.

    For nearly 20 years I've had issues using my gaming rig for extended periods, mainly right shoulder & neck pains that start after ~90mins of solid use that can take hours to clear. I put it down to overuse (like sitting too close to a CRT TV) and thought nothing more of it. However, having had a proper laptop for the last 5 years that's been my go to for anything that isn't gaming has made it obvious that something else was going on, as it's not an issue when using my laptop, well, on my lap (which is 99+% of the time).

    I've spent the last 3 weeks on a temporary contract spending 9 of 10 hours in front of a 19" monitor, but being placed on the PC (an SFF Kaby lake i5 with SSD no less) has made a massive difference, with no problems at all. And thinking back to my previous job which I was at for over 8 years, I also don't remember having any problems.

    I've now worked out what's going on - my monitor for my gaming rig is simply too low, despite being a U2410 with the height adjustment set to maximum elevation. Looking down at the middle of the display is the cause, eye level is pretty close to the top edge of the monitor.

    Partly posting this as a reminder that posture is clearly something to keep in mind and that the middle of the monitor should be at eye level...

    …but I'm also interested in recommendations or monitor stands that anyone may have used, as I clearly need to do something to raise my monitor and want something that's a permanent fix. I can't use my PC for it (the loaded Antec 1200 will probably break my desk for starters) so I'm looking for a stand - I think I'll need 6-8" of extra elevation to sort the problem out. Looking at keeping it down to £20-30 - my desk is beech wood but wouldn't have any issue with black plastic. Adjustable height would be a bonus.

  2. bawjaws

    bawjaws Well-Known Member

    5 Dec 2010
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    I use an IKEA Galant desk, and my monitor stand is a small Galant extension piece (one of the round end extensions) which sits on a set of IKEA kitchen unit legs on the top of the desk. You can get different height legs to suit. It looks pretty decent and it's rock solid too. I'd post a picture but I'm not at home at this exact moment.

    Edit: the desk extension piece was about £15 and the legs maybe a tenner for four? Mine are about 15cm but they do 20cm versions too. I bought them a good few years back and they've discontinued the Galant series, but have replaced it with something very similar iirc.
  3. Gareth Halfacree

    Gareth Halfacree WIIGII! Staff Administrator Super Moderator Moderator

    4 Dec 2007
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    Actually, while it sounds like it's not working for you, your eye line should be at the top of the monitor, not the middle.


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