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My A+ hardware certification

Discussion in 'General' started by Colonel Sanders, 28 Sep 2006.

  1. Nexxo

    Nexxo Queue Jumper

    23 Oct 2001
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    Your teacher is a tard. Definitely talk to your advisor, taking a copy of the question sheet with you. However be prepared for office politics --challenging the status quo is never a smooth process.
  2. Colonel Sanders

    Colonel Sanders Active Member

    25 Jun 2002
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    Trailblazer- First, I competely agree with what tyinsar has said- the questions are abesolutely rediculous. Despite his lack of a good teaching style, I would not dislike the guy if he made any attempt to treat us decently or at least did not try to make the class believe we are dumb.

    By the way, today he mentioned that he recently graduated from HCC (my college)- this confirms my theory that he is very young for a teacher and inexperienced.

    L J
  3. RotoSequence

    RotoSequence Lazy Lurker

    6 Jan 2004
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    A+ hardware classes are such a joke its not even worth bothering.

    I passed the hardware part just using a book just fyi.
  4. trailblazer

    trailblazer New Member

    10 Nov 2004
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    Point taken..

    Point taken Colonel Sanders. Do you think that part of the problem is the knowledge gap in the class. You said there are some in the class who don't have a clue. Then again you know much more than they do, so, in a way it makes it tougher for the teacher to hit the right pitch, that could be down to his lack of experience. I don't know. Check out the exam requirements to see if he is covering the right subjects, he should be explaining as he goes along what is required of the exam and why. He is supposed to be working to the requirements, check the requirements and objectives for yourself. I agree with "Nexxo" about the politics.Not sure if it's a good idea to set yourself up as a spokesperson, esp if the less knowledgeable in the class feel they are doing well and learning.
  5. phelan1777

    phelan1777 New Member

    3 May 2006
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    based on my experiences, I have yet to have an instructor either technical or in another subject actually "teach" something that is real world based.

    Though my first Tech instructor did not sugar coat things and would set up simulations, where we would come in and each of our computers would be down for a different reason, either software or hardware and we would have about 5-15 minutes to figure it out.

    That was fun, not to mention we could not use a mouse for the first two weeks of class.

    To the OP sorry for your luck.

    I would move up the chain and address the issue with these open ended questions. Its obvious either he doesn't realize that there are multiple board per manufacturer, or that he thinks he is making the questions "hard" but leaving out important clues.

    IE: The Gigabyte (model #) has how many PCI slots?

    that would be a fair question to be.
  6. DougEdey

    DougEdey I pwn all your storage

    5 Jul 2005
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    Why the hell would you need to know that off by heart?

    You need to just either look at the board or use the intarweb, you know its going to have at least one PCI slot.

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