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A/V Need help choosing CD/MP3/(Atrac) Player

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Hallq16, 20 Dec 2004.

  1. Hallq16

    Hallq16 What's a Dremel?

    30 Aug 2003
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    Ok, time has come for me to get one of those. I need it to have fm tuner and it must be able to play mp3 cd's. Backlit display would be nice too.
    Should it be Sony D-NF611 - Bit older, but since I had similar player and it had awesome sound.
    PHILIPS EXP7361 - Looks good, has remote, tuner, small size. Downside would be ni-mh batteries inside and dunno if display is lit.
    Or can any of You recommend me some other players? Im willing to spend about 70£.

    (excuse my bad english :wallbash: )

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