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need help with a P4 LGA 3.0 overclock @3.6!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Mimic, 4 Dec 2004.

  1. Mimic

    Mimic What's a Dremel?

    19 Jul 2004
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    i seem to of hit a bit of a wall and need some advice!

    i have a LGA 3.0 p4 chip which i can get to 3.6 semi stable. by this mean i can get it to stay on but it cant last more than 30mins on a prime test.

    this resulted in me lowering the clock slightly to 239mhz so i have a cpu freq of 3585mhz

    i dont know what to try next to get it to stable out,

    i have my vcore at 1.7125v which is board max (should i update the bios)
    ddr2 at 2.10v
    and my northbridge at 1.85

    i have it all mounted on an abit AA8 3rd eye motherboard.

    all of it is cooled by a 1/2 danger den tdx setup (northbridge is on a z chip) so cooling isnt a problem.

    wasn't to sure weather my memory is holding me back i have samsung ddr2 pc3200 (200mhz)

    i took this from cpz:

    you can see my memory timings as well, which i havent altered.

    im a bit of a noob with the ddr2/lga setups when it comes to overclcoking, so could do with a few pointers to take it a bit further if i could.

    Last edited: 4 Dec 2004

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