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Build Advice Need More Speed

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by okenobi, 21 Jun 2015.

  1. okenobi

    okenobi What's a Dremel?

    3 Nov 2009
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    My housemate runs Windows 7 on the following:
    C2Q 8400
    Samsung EVO 840 120gig

    He has a bunch of storage HDDs attached and uses uTorrent heavily. He says the system is becoming slow with browsing, general Windows usage, but especially when uTorrent is running (he does A LOT of seeding - over fibre). The HDD where he currently has his main download directory is from 2009 and is making noises like it might be struggling.

    I'm wondering how much difference a cheap upgrade will make. Any ideas?

    I'm wondering if the following individual changes would make a difference:
    1) Replacing the ancient HDD?
    2) Clean Windows install?
    3) Moving to DDR3?
    4) Moving to SATA III for both his SSD and a potential new HDD?

    Looking at benches, a C2Q 8400 would be beaten by a current Pentium, but not by loads and he'd lose 2 cores. That said, he doesn't game or work. It's a glorified media box with a browser basically.

    Would love your thoughts, as even a cheap CPU, RAM, mobo, HDD combo will run £250. Thanks.
  2. silk186

    silk186 Derp

    1 Dec 2014
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    Replace a his HDD with one or two new HDD. I recently bought two 3tb Toshiba drives. If the SSD is sata 3 it could benefit from sata 3.if not it won't. RAM speed is unimportant. Clean windows install could help as well. Overclock if he hasn't already

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