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Cooling Need some advice on a pump for my watercooling system

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by edcm, 12 Jan 2010.

  1. edcm

    edcm What's a Dremel?

    12 Jan 2010
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    Hey, i'm going to watercool my pc, but i'm on a tight budget, and I mean REALLY tight, after all, i'm a student.
    ATM, i've got a 360mm rad with 3 pretty good fans for £20, which is going to be solely for my CPU at the minute. It has G1/4" connections, and i'm probably going to get compression fittings taking the diameter to 3/8".
    I was going to get my pump next, but I want one as cheap as I can.
    Anyone got any ideas where I can get a pretty decent pump for virtually nothing, or something I can use as a pump (e.g. I looked at pumps for various things in cars, but most are only 1/8" or 2/8", which isn't really big enough), and what do people class as a good Litres per hour?
  2. TheBlackSwordsMan

    TheBlackSwordsMan Far over the misty mountains cold

    16 Aug 2009
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    If you want to be Oldschool, I recommend you the Eheim 1048

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