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Development new Apartment means new Network setup; Help me out!

Discussion in 'Software' started by zero0ne, 31 May 2008.

  1. zero0ne

    zero0ne Minimodder

    19 Jul 2004
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    OK So I just moved apartments, and I am looking to totally re-do my network and server setup.

    First things first, Internet connection will be Verizon FIoS @ 20mbits up and 20mbits down. (so I have TONS of bandwidth to play with!)

    The router they give you is GARBAGE IMO, and I will most definitely be bridging it with some other piece of free software (90% chance that will be Smoothwall; they just released 3.0 I believe)

    So, so far I Have:

    {INTERNET} ----> [FIoS Router] --bridged---> [Smoothwall Box; ~600Mhz box prolly]

    My intentions are to upgrade every computer on the network to gigabit Ethernet Cards, and get a 16 port Ethernet switch.

    Smoothwall will be doing DHCP.

    I need to build a relatively cheap HTPC box, so Recommendations on that would be awesome (hardware that is, not a full on HTPC unit)
    I am not 100% sure on what video cards can pump out 1080p without a problem, hence the question.

    There will be an Xbox 360 on the network, along with a PS3 possibly. I guess I could use the 360 as a HTPC unit, but It's not mine, and will be gone by the end of the summer, and am not 100% sure on its abilities.

    I've gone over the Server articles, and will probably be setting up a server almost identical to the guides, main points are TorrentFlux (assuming my private tracker allows it), VPN, SSH. Anything else I could throw on there to play around with that would also be useful? (Maybe some VoIP via grandcentral and skype (or that other one))

    I am undecided with using the box above as a file server also. Its between that and just setting up a box with some freeware NAS software on it (any suggestions on open source NAS software; and also any suggestions on which way I should go with this?)

    Any other cool ideas to put on this network? useful or not so useful :) ?

    And as a quick layout:

    {INTERNET} ---> [FIoS Router] ---> [Smoothwall] ----> [GigE switch] ---> *
                [VPN/SSH/TorrentFlux box]
                [NAS box]
    *---<    [360]
                [My desktop PC]
                [Roomates desktop PC]
    Some more points of interest I guess:
    I have a crap load of random hardware sitting around (as do most of us I presume!), what type of hardware should I be looking at to run the VPN/TF/SSH/ETC box? If I do go the NAS route, TF will end up just downloading the files to a network share of course as gigE will have no problem handling that. If I don't go that route and decide to use the box to also store the downloaded files, what hardware specs am I looking at? (assume no more than 5 VPN connections)

    I was thinking of putting a DC++ hub on the server, mainly for personal friends and family. what would that bump the hardware up to do you think? (assuming 20-50 DC++ users at most)

    I am thinking a NAS would be better overall if I do decide to have DC++ running, as I could then just use one of my 400MHz boxes to run the DC++ server most likely. (though directly getting the files on the NAS to show up on the DC++ server would require me to run a DC++ client somewhere with shares that point to the AS shares! ugh)

    Sorry about this secondary post almost! ha. suggest away!?
  2. woodshop

    woodshop UnSeenly

    14 Oct 2003
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    I'm not sure what you plan on using the HTPC for, but if its just for playing media on the AV system i use my PS3 for that. i don't know if it actually puts out 1080p since i only got 1080i TV but it plays my 1080p video no probs.
    My setup has the PS3 getting its files over 10/100 from a NAS via upnp.. Its rather picky on its files though.. But i use H.264 encoded mp4 exclusively anyway
  3. Flibblebot

    Flibblebot Smile with me

    19 Apr 2005
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    If you're thinking about VoIP, take a look at Trixbox. It'll handle multiple voip phones (of which there are dozens of cheap phones available) with ease, and there ways of plugging in your POTS too.

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