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Build Advice New Build - Machine for Remote Desktop, Photo Edit and Gaming

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by chrism_scotland, 5 Dec 2018.

  1. chrism_scotland

    chrism_scotland Member

    16 Jul 2009
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    Budget: £1200 give or take, needs to include the PC Build / components only (no peripherals or monitor needed at this point)

    What the main uses of the PC will be: For mobile use I’ve gravitated toward tablet device (iPad Pro) and have just been using RDP back into my laptop at home if I need something on the desktop.
    Really want this so I can remote back into it when I’m away for running Photoediting and Design Apps in the rare event my iPad doesn’t do what I need!!

    Mainly things like Photoshop and Lightroom with possibly some Dev/Virtual Machine work as well.

    On the gaming front I like to play CPU intensive things like Civilzation and wouldn’t mind being able to play the latest games although I tend to use the Xbox One X for gaming.

    Probably also use for media streaming but I don’t imagine that will be an overhead on what’s already been specced for the rest.
    The spec of your current PC and whether you are re-using any parts from it. N/A
    The native resolution of your monitor. Currently using a 24” 1080P screen but might look at upgrading to a 4K screen for my photography at some point - not massively important for gaming though.

    Whether you will be overclocking or not. Happy to overclock, suspect I won’t need it for most things I’m planning on using the machine for.

    How much storage space you require. 1TB+ possibly have an SSD for running OS/Programs and an HD/Hybrid (or SSD) for storage.

    Do you have any special requirements? Wouldn’t mind a fairly small machine, doesn’t need to be tiny but certainly don’t need a huge thing!1

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