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Other New build problem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Karrlas, 28 Aug 2020.

  1. Karrlas

    Karrlas Ageing too fast...

    23 Apr 2009
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    Hi all, I have come up against a curious problem with my new build. I always do an out of the box test to make sure the CPU/Ram/Video Card work as a start.

    First the specs (all new components) relating to the out of box test:-

    R7 3700x (stock cooler for now)

    GTX2070 Ventus (MSI)

    Crucial Ballistix 2x 8GB sticks

    Originally an Asrock B550m Steel Legend Mobo (sent back as I thought this was the culprit)

    Now trying the MSI MAG B550m Mortar Mobo

    Corsair 550w (Semi-Mod) Gold PSU

    What happend/and is happening is that the GPU is not being recognised in the x16 PCIe slot, the little vga warning light illuminated on both boards after they did their boot cycles, I tried reseating multiple times to no avail on both boards, I have even taken my pre-existing GPU (1060 6GB working in my current rig) and tried using that and still the same thing happens. Also used my existing PSU to test as well incase it was a power issue/fault, it made no difference.

    One thing I did try was to put the 2070 in the lower PCIe slot on each board and I did manage to get to the BIOS screen repeatedly on both boards where the CPU and Ram were recognised fine, but putting it back to slot 1 got me back to square one. I've tried resetting the CMOS' aswell to no avail either.

    Currently the 2070 is in my old rig being powered by my old PSU, so I can definately rule out that as the source of the problem. Have I been really unlucky and got 2x Mobo's with dodgy PCIe slots on the trot!? Is it in someway my CPU not functioning correctly (unfortuneatly I do not have a compatible spare to try in the socket) Or am I missing something?


    Images for reference:-

    1st is GPU in 2nd Slot, gets me to BIOS
    2nd is GPU in top x16 slot, blank display
  2. noizdaemon666

    noizdaemon666 I'm Od, Therefore I Pwn

    15 Jun 2010
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    Have you checked your CPU for damaged pins? Unlikely, given you've had it in different boards, but worth a check!

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