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News [New communications regulator] Ofcom takes the reins

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by acrimonious, 29 Dec 2003.

  1. acrimonious

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    8 Nov 2002
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    "A new communications regulator, Ofcom, launched on Monday to act as watchdog for the digital age of broadcasting and telecommunications.

    Ofcom - the Office of Communications - is aimed at ending years of confusion for viewers surrounding broadcast regulations, which had been run by five different watchdogs.

    The new watchdog will be one giant organisation replacing all five, and it is hoped it will be less cumbersome than its predecessors. "

    Full Story from the BBC: here

    Damn, I was hoping this was going to replace Oftel as well and come down on BT's back-side like a ton of bricks.
  2. Almightyrastus

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    21 Mar 2002
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    It does replace Oftel as well, at least I am assuming that was the short name for the Office of Telecomications. There is a little box to the right of the main story that tells you what is being replaced
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