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Other New job!

Discussion in 'General' started by Unicorn, 18 Jun 2010.

  1. Unicorn

    Unicorn Uniform November India

    25 Jul 2006
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    After months of trying to find myself a second job to keep me busy once uni finished, I've landed a full time position with an electronics company that may as well have been created just for me. I finished my second day at 2pm this afternoon and absolutely love it! This came up completely out of the blue at the start of this week, the company hadn't advertised the job and I found out through word of mouth that they were looking for engineers. I'd tapped out every contact and resource that I have to try and get a job but everyone I approached said they would like to hire me but hadn't the work for an additional employee. When I heard about this I basically pounced on it! :D

    The company is an electronics manufacturing sub contractor, and for now I'm working on the production line to clear up a couple of large orders which need to be completed ASAP but will obviously be given different work as time goes on. It's not a massive company, but they are very busy, which is probably something to do with their 0.01% failure rate on all output. Their checking and testing systems are the most thorough I've ever seen. The place is extremely well run, always clean and tidy, and because it's a small business, you have contact with everyone throughout the day and they are all really friendly. It's a great place to work, and the two owners are also really nice guys. I feel so privelaged just to be working there considering I'm not qualified yet, and I think the fact that they're paying me more than they need to shows that they need engineers, and hopefully that they want me to stay. It is so different from places I've worked in the past, which were very disorganized and had several members of staff who were unpleasent to work with. It's a 42 hour week, which fits in well with my own schedule at the moment which has averaged 38 hours per week since the middle of May, although that may go up slightly because of additional advertising we've put out this week. I love getting off at 2PM on Friday afternoons again, I did miss that about the precision CNC engineering job I had a couple of years ago. This new job is just like a breath of fresh air, and I really hope I pass the trial period (of 1 week) and get to keep the job :)
  2. DaveVader

    DaveVader Fast Action Response Team

    10 Aug 2007
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    Well you sure sound like you are enjoying!
    Nice to see you've landed such a great job, good luck with it and I hope it lasts and gets you to where you want to be!
  3. RinSewand

    RinSewand What's a Dremel?

    11 Sep 2006
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    Nice to hear d00de! Love it when stuff like that comes together =)

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