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PSU New psu time? Also low end GPUs....

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by adrock, 10 Jun 2015.

  1. adrock

    adrock Caninus Nervous Rex

    5 Dec 2006
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    My desktop's running off a corsair cxm 750 I got off the marketplace. It's never done me wrong but As I've recently upgraded almost everything else and need an extra psu for my new file server I figured I may as well look at swapping this out.

    Current spec:
    Asus X99-S
    5820k, currently stock but will likely oc a bit in future, nothing extreme.
    Sm951 512GB
    Samsung evo 840 250GB
    Some other 250GB crucial ssd
    1.5TB Samsung F3
    H110i GT
    Corsair link and half a dozen 140mm fans

    A dozen or so assorted usb peripherals, none particularly high power.

    I'd like to go fully modular if possible, so what sort of wattage should I be looking at, and does anyone have any suggestions?

    I also need a low end gpu for the file server; as it will also do some transcoding is there much advantage to going with a better/newer low end card, e.g. Gt610 (48 cores) vs gt720 (192 cores)? I'm assuming memory won't really be an issue.

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