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Switch Nintendo NX (spec/feature discussion)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Guest-16, 5 Aug 2016.

  1. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest



    Tegra X1 + some sort of camera function. 256 cored Maxwell vs 320 cored HD4800-series should be a small step forward - more so in efficiency and functional capability than performance with h.265/4K output. It's back to carts as well, so I wonder what format and connectivity? Probably a modified SD card or USB interface.
    Sort of surprised they didn't go x86, but I guess Nintendo has used ARM chips in its 3DS for ages and its new mini-NES, and Nvidia must be giving those chips away now. Marks the first time since the 'cube that Nintendo has not used an IBM/ATI combo.
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  2. IamJudd

    IamJudd Multimodder

    30 Oct 2011
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    Not touching it. They pretty much shafted me with the Game Cube and then again with the Wii U.

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  3. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest

    I'm not interested in buying it tbh, just interested in the business of hardware.

    I had a 'cube for all the Resident Evil games - still got it in fact! LOVED that controller. I then bought a Wii and within 2 months gave it to my brother, who loved it. I grew out of Nintendo's repeat-catalogue tbh.
  4. wyx087

    wyx087 Homeworld 3 is happening!!

    15 Aug 2007
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    The Tegra X1 is a brilliant chip, I've got a Shield AndroidTV box and it rarely feels slow. Everything is nice and smooth, even when it is indexing and transcoding in the background as Plex media server.

    But for a future console, shouldn't they be looking at something more modern? The X1 is 2015 technology, we are almost 3/4 way through 2016.
  5. edzieba

    edzieba Virtual Realist

    14 Jan 2009
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    Even assuming it's the same old Tegra rather than a newer Pascal-toting variant on a smaller process, the Shield Console is no slouch.

    As for the camera, it's likely the same (or very similar) to the camera in the Wiimote and WiiU gamepad, for tracking a pair of IR LEDs (the 'sensor bar'), as those were also made by Pixart. Inclusion would make sense purely for backward compatibility.
  6. Elledan

    Elledan What's a Dremel?

    4 Feb 2009
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    I like that the Tegra X1 is pretty much what one would call a 'high-end' ARM SoC, with quad Cortex-A57 64-bit ARMv8 cores, as well as a very respectable GPU. Combined with super-fast access to data stored on these cartridges (presumably mask-ROM-based, with ~32 GB?), it would leave the 3DS behind in the dust, and give the Wii U a run for its money.

    Comparisons with the Playstation 4 and XBone (and current refreshes) will have to be made when we have more information, but I'm sure we can make some educated guesses already :)
  7. rollo

    rollo Modder

    16 May 2008
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    Console specs rarely match up performance wise.

    Xbox one and ps4 have different gpus yet perform pretty similar.

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