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Hardware Noctua NH-L12 review

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by brumgrunt, 17 Dec 2012.

  1. Adnoctum

    Adnoctum Kill_All_Humans

    27 Apr 2008
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    Thanks, I am happy just for the vague prospect of an answer, because an Internet search for the info hasn't shown me anyone else providing it. Which is odd for a product aimed at HTPC/mITX systems and the popularity of S1155 in this market, which may mean it isn't a problem.
  2. Dogbert666

    Dogbert666 *Fewer Lover of bit-tech Administrator

    17 Jan 2010
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    Hello again! I have quickly fitted the NH-L12 to the Zotac board, and there is a small issue with fitting the cooler when a graphics card is installed. I was only able to fit the cooler in the orientation where the heat pipes face the rear of the card, and even then they are pushing against the card (although it will still fit securely to the board). So it fits, but not comfortably, and you might need to put some material between the heat pipes and your graphics card that will stop metal on metal contact and potential short circuits :)
  3. PlayLoud

    PlayLoud What's a Dremel?

    29 Apr 2011
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    I have this cooler in my Antec Fusion Remote Black (HTPC). Case fans are 2x Noctua NF-S12B ULN (silent). For the CPU cooler, I had room to install the 120mm fan on top. I decided I wanted maximum quiet, so I didn't install the smaller fan at all. I don't remember if I used the ULN adapter, or just had the motherboard slow down the fan. Either way, with no video card in the system, a Seasonic 400w Fanless, 1x SSD, 1x WD Red, 1x WD Green, this is one quiet system.

    I am very happy with the Noctua NH-L12. It only needs to cool my Ivy Bridge i3, but it does so silently (and I mean SILENT). I would definitely recommend it for anybody who has a lower profile case with limited cooling options.
  4. wolfticket

    wolfticket Downwind from the bloodhounds

    19 Apr 2008
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    I actually like the colour scheme.
    I like the fact it is distinctive, but I think I mainly like it because I associate it with Noctua, who I associate with making some of the best most advanced cooling kit available.

    It's like if Ferrari made all their cars beige.
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