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Other Nvidia’s 512-core GT300 taped out at 40nm, already in A1 silicon

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by rainbowbridge, 22 May 2009.

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    26 Apr 2009
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    Nvidia’s next-gen Tesla GPGPU engine, the 40nm GT300 GPU, has been confirmed to be in A1 silicon at Nvidia’s labs, meaning it actually taped out sometime in January, February or March.

    The first silicon produced would’ve been A0, meaning Nvidia is already through one stepping pre-production, which is not uncommon. In fact there may be a solid explanation for it as it was previously rumored that both ATI and Nvidia are having trouble with TSMC’s 40nm process technology, and that could be affecting yields. If true, then the re-spin (moving from one stepping to another) could be done not for performance reasons exactly, but rather to address TSMC’s 40nm issues.

    The GT300 is the Tesla part. There are additional Gx300yy chips, such as the G300 which will be the GeForce desktop card, along with G300GL which will be a Quadro part. The specs include 512 cores, 512-bit memory interface, 256 GB/s to 280 GB/s depending on whether or not the part is overclocked, and these specs will approach different thermal, power and performance envelopes based on target use and relative clocks.

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