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Odd graphics glitch/artifact

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Rav, 12 Feb 2007.

  1. Rav

    Rav New Member

    26 Jul 2003
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    Been getting some strange graphical artifacts in games lately, that generally manifest as a rouge triangle/pologon, or a spire as if someone has taken a smudge tool to a texture and pulled it to infinity. Have tried some different drivers, and it persists across different games as well (Trackmania Nations, ArmA demo and IL2:1946 are what i have installed right now.

    Card is a BFG 7900GT OC (stock fan and speeds) in a Shuttle SN25P. Drivers are 96.89 Beta from guru3d (although other drivers had the same problem). According to the card's temp monitor it's about 65C under load.




    It comes and goes, in TMN an alt tab will generally fix the issue on a given map, but it comes back on others. It's worse when it affects a car, since then the artifact is mobile and really distracting :p

    Anyone have any ideas?

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