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Apple Odd one.. Smart Card Authentication in Mac OS 10.5

Discussion in 'Software' started by Lorquis, 18 Dec 2009.

  1. Lorquis

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    8 Sep 2002
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    Right yeah, that's basically it... Just could do with pointing in the right direction for going about smart card auth in os x.

    I have a compatable dell keyboard of happyness and the ability to set up a LDAP server if needs be (either using Leopard Server's OpenDirectory or some rollyourown implentation with *nux/*nix)

    Apple's PDFs have been half helpful but even reading them does make me feel like whilst "The technology is there" there seems to be an awful amount of dicking about in terminal which feels a little hacktastic (in a bad way considering it's a comercial product) and also whether this fun happy shiney goodness is pretty much only reserved for the delightful DoD/MIL types, not for the rest of us...

    Failing that... some way of just interfacing with the reader so i can fiddle about with it... may as well!
  2. smajer

    smajer what?!

    5 Jul 2009
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