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Notebooks odd restart issue ?

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by stephen0205, 30 Jun 2020.

  1. stephen0205

    stephen0205 Active Member

    11 Mar 2016
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    So i have the msi gs40 6qe.

    And.....well it seem to have the oddest boot issue i have seen thus far. Its done it from day 1. Had it a little while now. It is second hand. Trying to get it ready for going back to school.

    So the issue im having. The laptop works fine. Not a thing wrong. Other than when i reboot. Its like it gets stuck. Normal boot i get the msi logo and then it boots into windows.

    If i restart for a windows update, game install, or whatever it reboots and just sits at the msi logo and the fan speed ramps up to what sounds like 100 percent.

    I tried a clean install of windows. Erasing everything. Tried resetting the bios to default settings. Tried updating the bios to the latest one. Then tried taking it apart. Unhooking the battery and cmos. Holding down the power button to let it discharge. Then rehooking stuff up. Tried reseating the memory, tried it in another slot. Tried it with just the nvme drive. Removing the hard drive completely.

    Now. Before i done any of this i used easeUS to do a full back up of both drives so i wouldn't have to go back to installing everything from scratch.

    Didn't realise it had to restart to do it...... now im stuck and cant reboot into the recovery software to actually reset it back to what i had before. So im gonna need to begin reinstalling everything from scratch.

    Any help would be much appreciated

    If anyone needs a video showing the issue happy to make one

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