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Office 2003 weirdness

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by ufk, 9 May 2006.

  1. ufk

    ufk Licenced Fool

    3 Jan 2004
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    My friend has got a laptop and a desktop running windows xp sp2 and microsoft office 2003 and up until recently all was well. For the last couple of weeks any microsoft word files that have attached to emails are coming out at the other end as unrecognisable characters, when you download the attachments office asks if you want to install an optional character set. The docs are in english and when transfered from pc to pc with a usb drive its all fine and readable, send it by email and you end up with [​IMG]

    I've done the obvious spyware and virus scans (AVG and spybot) which turn up nothing, I've done a fair bit of googling on the subject and the nearest thing I can find is related to a recent update from microsoft (http://claydawg.helpdesk.olemiss.edu/?p=90), which isn't exactly the problem we're having

    any help would be welcome as the guy runs his business from these PC's and is off to russia tomorrow so I'd like to fix @ least his laptop before he goes

    cheers for any help :)

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