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ok...bigtime overclocking plans

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Pre_Tender, 28 Nov 2006.

  1. Pre_Tender

    Pre_Tender What's a Dremel?

    8 Oct 2006
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    i've got a sapphire x700 pro 256 mb gddr3 @ 425/436 original (running 460/480)
    and an asus a8n sli premium board
    with an AMD 4200+ cpu (manchester core)


    how far can i clock my cpu, what progs to use etc.
    and even more important to me... how far could i clock my vidcard?

    i've tried ati tool...but it won't go over 480/485 so... any better progs?
    i've ran 3dmark 2001 to check...should i down 3d'06?

    anyways... thx in advance
  2. Awoken

    Awoken Gazing at the stars

    3 Mar 2004
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    CPU should do 2.5Ghz or more on air cooling and water will help. Rivatuner and powerstrip are recommended for overclocking gfx cards of both flavours.

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