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Overclocking Overclocking my i7 to 4.2Ghz

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by stevenrlp, 4 Oct 2010.

  1. Yslen

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    3 Mar 2010
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    I've got an H50 in my Fractal case and would recommend turning the fans around so you get cool air going over the radiator if you want lower temperatures. Put the fractal design fans in the top of the case as exhausts and all the hot air from the CPU will come right out the top. All you need then is a fan or two at the bottom or in the front to get air to your GPU and your sorted.

    Gentle typhoons are great, even more so if you use them in push/pull.

    Having said that, I agree with the advice from Xtrafresh; you need to worry about the temperatures you CPU gets to under real conditions, so find out what they are before worrying about spending any money on better cooling. Do the free stuff (moving fans etc) anyway 'cause it's fun :D

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