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Overclocking P5N32-E SLI and Core 2 E6320 Overclocking

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mrb_no1, 15 Nov 2007.

  1. mrb_no1

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    15 Sep 2007
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    Allo people,

    first time asking for some advice on here but i'm fed up of reading rubbish on other forums and playing around with the hardware myself is becoming frustrating :wallbash:.

    Has anyone on here got this board, have they had trouble overclocking? Currecntly i have the rig jumped up to 2.54Mhz, using 7x362.5, the multiplier is locked (anyway of changing that or would a new processor be required?). Taking the fsb any higher results in a failure to boot, and without a larger multiplier it seems i have hit a brick wall. Vcore is at 1.4(in bios) but is listed by cpu-z at 1.264volts.

    With this board the memory and fsb can be linked or unlinked. As such because the ram is only pc 6400 i have chosen unlinked so that if needs be i can overclock the ram independently from the processor(that is my understanding anyways) so i figure that ram wouldnt be making the system unbootable during an overclock. As such it is rated at 800mhz with a maximum warranty voltage of 2.1 :p. It can be overclocked upto 1200, but i only managed prime for 45mins and its super tempremental when booting so i'm leaving it at stock speeds until i know if i can get more out of the processor or not, 1 thing at a time n all.

    I dont know if this has any bearing on the situation but the gfx is a 2900xt, my understanding is that because i can independently overclock the gfx card, it isnt related to my overclocking of the cpu.

    oh and cooling isnt an issue, cpu is under a scythe ninja with 120mm silenx fan and the gfx has a thermalright hr-03/r600 cooler with the same fan as the cpu. any insight is greatly appreciated but my conclusion is that without a better cpu to start off with, the overclock has reached its limit :waah: if the board will not allow a greater fsb.



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