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Other "Palicomp" Computer

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Zero_UK, 26 Feb 2012.

  1. Zero_UK

    Zero_UK New Member

    12 Aug 2008
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    A friend of mine came to me today asking about a system from this online store. It is a i5 2500k (OC to 4.6-8), eyefinity 3x 22" monitors, 6870, + 3 free games etc etc complete for 1k.


    Personally I think:
    • Website looks.. unreliable/scam material.
    • Unbranded PSU and RAM which will probably go bust after 1-2 years.
    • If they do OC the CPU regardless if customers invest in a better CPU cooler it will fry on load.
    • Unbranded PSU again will probably have crap reliability.
    • Monitors are a unfamiliar brand and probably quite bad a on features.

    Does it seem reasonable for me to tell him to avoid going to this place?
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  2. Blazza181


    19 Apr 2011
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    A friend of mine used them before. They weren't great, TBH. The deal offered a Coolermaster Scout : he was told they had ran out, so they gave him a Elite 330 (I think). They also said they'd give him 2 separate 500GB drives in RAID0, but only gave him a single 1tb drive. The computer didn't work at first, as the CPU hadn't been put in correctly, and the GPU started artifacting on Borderlands.

    Avoid them. They had a good deal, but lost my faith after that happened.

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  3. noizdaemon666

    noizdaemon666 I'm Od, Therefore I Pwn

    15 Jun 2010
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    To add to Blazza's advice. A 6870 will be woefully underpowered for 3 screen gaming. Oh and the monitors are crap. We have them where I work, some have ghosting all have poor colours.
  4. .//TuNdRa

    .//TuNdRa Resident Bulldozer Guru

    12 Feb 2011
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    The PSU is the default Coolermaster included in that Elite, I believe, so it is, at least, a Coolermaster power supply, but it's not the best of the lot, considering it's bundled into a Low-end case.

    What alarms me more is they're claiming they'll manage a stable 4.5-4.7 Overclock on the stock 2500K heatsink. Perhaps at 90 degrees idle, they well.
  5. Shirty

    Shirty Time travelling rogue Super Moderator

    18 Apr 1982
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    I'm just loving the "free" games descriptions:

    That's a quality site right there :thumb:
  6. TheStockBroker

    TheStockBroker Well-Known Member

    19 Nov 2009
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    Sadly, and this is a little off-topic so I apologise, but:

    I wish people would remember threads like this when they're recommending to forum member "Bob" on how to go about setting up his idea of going into PC creation/repair as a full time business.

    This is by and large the end result, and it benefits no-one. Shoddy website and workmanship, no real recourse in the event of (inevitable?) system failure and ultimately makes us look bad...
  7. Domestic_ginger

    Domestic_ginger New Member

    16 Mar 2010
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    They have a pretty had reputation from when I looked at them. Ebay marks them as a 99%+ positive feedback but when you look deeper the positives are for small items like cables. The poor feedback for PCs is astounding (astoundingly bad). Anyway the 6870 powering three 22" monitors?

    They are big enough now to advertise in PC magazines and have some really good reviews though. Perhaps a show of how the magazines are desperate for sponsors or the fact they have tidied up their act? I think for 1k you could do a very nice build on your own.
  8. Fredrics

    Fredrics Hmm...

    31 Dec 2007
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    I have used them perhaps 7 years ago so they are certainly a real company, I purchased from their ebay store. They used a poor quality power supply and ram that eventually failed on me. Service was fine though, and I was happy with the machine for 2+ years.
  9. Sloth

    Sloth #yolo #swag

    29 Nov 2006
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    Looking at this with the intention of ripping into it, here's some things that would make me want to hold on to my hard earned money:

    First, 4.8GHz on a 2500K isn't exactly a set and go affair. I'd be worried about how well they've tested the stability and temperatures for it. Second, no cooler is specified. You can be sure whatever ungodly high voltage they set to make it work first try will run hotter than the sun on a stock cooler. Third, they don't even guarantee a speed in the first place.

    No brand named. Might not be a problem, but it doesn't instill confidence.

    I'm actually impressed by this one. I was off Googling whether the included monitors had display port before noticing that they include an adaptor. That said, a 6870 ain't going to be too great for 5760x1080 in the first place. Just like with many "gaming" systems the GPU is confusingly lack lustre.

    No personal experience with them, but I'd definitely be in favour of dropping them and buying monitor(s) separately. The fact that they have speakers immediately makes me worry. You'll have three of these, why would you want/need speakers on all of them? Seems like a case of being the cheapest they could get without actually thinking about if it's the best product.

    This is the kind of thing I'd expect buying from China.

    Some other funny things in the options:
    -The extra price of a 3960X is just short of Scan's price to buy one outright.
    -You can select a 1155 CPU with a 2011 motherboard and vice versa.
    -Master and Slave drive terminology.
    -RAID settings don't confirm or mention using the lower of the two capacities should the drives not be the same.
    -RAID 1 says mirrored for data backup. I'm no storage snob, but that's not backup, it's redundancy.
    -No AMD 7000 series cards available.
    -Only the finest in available peripherals! I wonder why the USB one is £5 more?
    -OS Tuning, I don't even want to know. Probably just turning off Aero and some other visual effects.
    -2.1 speakers with "base".
    -Cable management which likely passes as standard around here for £25 more.
    -Two pack of case fans. No mention of size, unclear if they even come installed.

    I know it's easy to make all of these complaints as someone who enjoys building PCs and that for others it's a confusing world out there and they're willing to spend a bit more for the convenience, but perhaps looking elsewhere is a better idea here.
  10. jimmyjj

    jimmyjj Member

    20 Jul 2010
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    Jesus, I would never buy anything pre clocked like that. I think Sloth has hit the nail pretty squarely on the head with everything he said.

    I built my last two rigs myself, but before that I bought a PC from PC Specialist.

    Not sure what they are like these days - but at least you get the chance to choose every component if you want to (ie. not get saddled with unbranded memory, PSU etc.).

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