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Windows partitioning scheme

Discussion in 'Software' started by Bruno_me, 24 Oct 2004.

  1. Bruno_me

    Bruno_me Fake-ad‎min

    30 Mar 2003
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    so what do y'all think?

    I might have to change it so XP, longhorn and the transfer partition are on one disk, so their bootloaders don't screw up the linux ones, but I'm sure that if I do it in the right order (xp > lh > linuxes) then it should work alright

    anyway, thoughts?

    ps, I'm thinking as I'm writing... maybe 10GB for each of the windowses, and another 20GB transfer, as I'll be keeping most of my stuff on the transfer partitions, as I'll want to get at all of it in any of the os's

    decisions, decisions

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