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Other Pi Stuff - OMG Thread!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Bazz, 9 Feb 2015.

  1. Bazz

    Bazz Bit of everything geek

    7 Oct 2009
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    So, been messing with Arduinos and Pi's for some time, making little things to see how they work, and how I can mod them etc. (already using them at work as web output displays)

    Finally have some projects in a working environment & some in dev which I'd like to share (lol).

    Banana Pi - NAS
    Nice little thing, way better than the original Pi B and Pi B+ (forget the A's currently).
    Have just installed Bananas on it, running along side a 1TB 2.5 drive.
    This will be used as a separate repository & TFTP server for PXE boot.

    Raspberry Pi B - GPS NTP Server
    As it states this is a GPS NTP time server for my network (and anything that would like to connect to it) This also has PiUPS on it as well.

    Raspberry Pi B+ - SDR Radio
    So messing with SDR USB radio got me thinking about getting it running on a Pi, which I have managed to do, allows me to listen to 20KHz all the way upto 1.7GHz (using upconverter)
    Also can be used to drag weather imagery down, looking at posting this on a web site (when I can be arsed) Will need updating to the Pi 2 at some stage, as this will need more RAM for it to work via internet streaming.

    Raspberry Pi 2 - Weather Station
    This will be the start of my weather information system, will link with my 3 other friends weather stations (Pi 2 weather stations), enabling it to show weather status across Southern Oxfordshire (still in dev though).

    Raspberry Pi B (looking to replace with a Pi 2) - SNMP Server
    Simple SNMP server running Observium.

    Though I have 3 HP Microservers (N36L, N40L & Gen8, which are my NAS storage for everything) and dual CPU Xeon system (work horse plenty of grunt but about to be decommissioned, these little things are brilliant at running things but not using much power.

    Photos will be taken soon, need to put some in boxes, the SDR Pi needs shielding better as I still get noise from sources I can't control :( GPS Pi needs its antenna placed in a better position rather than just being hanged outside the window :D

    My eldest is also looking at creating a Pi door camera system, that not only takes a screen shot of whoever stands at the front door, but also will email it out to herself.

    Someone once said that too many Pi's is bad for you, even these ones are.
  2. Sheiken

    Sheiken Wat?

    9 Jan 2005
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    Very cool! I have one of the new Pi 2s coming my way for delivery this week! I have been very interested in these little arm computers, but the faster more powerful boards generally lacked in support for a newb like me and the Pi I just thought was too slow, so when the new Pi was released I simply had to jump on board!
  3. nimbu

    nimbu Well-Known Member

    28 Nov 2002
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    One project I would love to see but dont have the expertise to do myself.

    Camera door system that connects to your phone if you are not home.

    My house got broken into in December, despite lights, TV and Dog being at home (he was in his crate so was all fine). The police said that a "new" trick is to knock on the door and if there is no answer they know that even though the TV / Radio is on there isnt likely to be someone at home.
  4. Parge

    Parge the worst Super Moderator

    16 Jul 2010
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  5. stephen0205

    stephen0205 Active Member

    11 Mar 2016
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    nock the door. Thats thinking outside the box lol

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