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Education pipe for culvert

Discussion in 'General' started by BA_13, 14 Apr 2020.

  1. BA_13

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    2 Sep 2011
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    So a quick query for any builders / engineers, or fellow farmers.

    I have to make a track over a small drainage ditch here in France (track currently runs through a rented section of the field and the owner isn't happy that we are actually using the track as a track as opposed to herd 300 animals through the village), the issue is that over 300 cattle and various pieces of farm kit will be going over it and it can't go deep due to the lay of the land. I'm considering using 100 mm HDPE perforated pipe to run under a compacted gravel track but it can only have approximately 100 to 200 mm of cover over the pipe. Do any of you know if this is sufficient or do I need to look into reinforced concrete pipe and a concrete pour over the top as well?


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