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Please include both FT02 and RV02 in case cooling comparisons

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by ehume, 31 Oct 2010.

  1. ehume

    ehume New Member

    10 Dec 2009
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    I love the cooling comparisons that are part of bit-tech case reviews. I love how the Fortress FT02 always is among the leaders. But I also know that The Raven RV02 has been reviewed here. It would be great if once or twice you included both cases in a review so we'd know which cooled better. Actually, it would likely be hilarious to see them both among the top cooling cases.
  2. Material

    Material Soco Amaretto Lime

    13 Apr 2010
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    I'm not sure if we're leaving the RV02 out for a reason as SilverStone have changed the fans that the case ships with since we reviewed it.

    Its a good thing though as they've filled it with the same excellent air penetrator fans that the FT02 ships with. Therefore its likely that the RV02's cooling is likely to be very similar to that of the FT02 as they are both almost identical internally.

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