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Power saving in MSI Notebooks?

Discussion in 'MSI UK' started by MSINotebookUK, 24 Oct 2014.

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    29 Jul 2014
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    MSI has developed a feature called SHIFT for the GT72. Even though the GT72 barely doesn’t run particularly hot, you might come across some scenarios where you might approach the thermal limits of the hardware, such as gaming outside or in offices without air conditioning in hot countries. Maybe you just don’t need all that performance, and want to limit the heat output, for comfort reasons? You can make sure you’ll stay inside thermal limits, both your own as well as the system’s with a simple key combo, completely independent of your operating system’s power profiles.
    In short, you have three modes to choose from, when running on AC power:
    Sport Mode: Overclocking of both CPU and GPU. Also activates Cooler Boost
    Comfort Mode: CPU turbo is enabled, but GPU frequency is prohibited from ramping up into boost frequencies.
    Green Mode: CPU turbo disabled, lower frequencies/voltage on both CPU and GPU. Lower revving fans.

    The switch between SHIFT profiles is simple, done by pressing the Fn + F7 key combo, or via Dragon Gaming Center. As you’d expect, Sport Mode delivers the maximum potential of the hardware and the highest scores, while Comfort and Green Mode are a bit slower, but lowers the temperatures by a lot. Below, you can see the performance difference between the different profiles in 3DMark Fire Strike on the GT72.
    There largest gains are in GPU temperatures though – by changing from Sport to Green Mode, you’ll see an 11°C drop in temperature and a full 14°C drop in CPU temperature.
    SHIFT, therefore, is a handy tool which helps you control power consumption and thereby heat output. If you don’t need all the power, for example during lighter game loads, why not make sure the system runs quieter and cooler?

    SHIFT is available on NVIDIA GTX 900M-series equipped GS60/70 as well as the GT72.

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