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Case Mod - In Progress PowerBridge

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by serjsorrow, 19 Aug 2011.

  1. serjsorrow

    serjsorrow What's a Dremel?

    14 Aug 2011
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    This is my first modding project. Excuse my english, I'm french.

    I started this project when my old PowerMac G4 Quicksilver dead. I decided to make a small pc in the original case of the Mac.

    Configuration of PowerBridge:
    Motherboard: Zotac Z68ITX
    CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K
    CPU Cooler: Corsair H80
    Memory: Corsair Dominator 2x4Go 1600Mhz CAS8
    PSU: Corsair AX-750Watts
    Graphic Card: KFA² NVIDIA GeForce GTX560Ti EX OC or LTD OC(if I can buy it in september when I go to London^^)
    SSD: minimum 120Go SATA 6Gb/s
    HHD: 1To 2,5"
    Divers: MDPC-X sleeves and heatshrink/M3 Di-Noc Carbone
    Fans: Thermalright TY-140

    Images of products:

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