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Other Problem with Belkin SurgeMaster 500VA UPS

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by nry, 6 Jul 2009.

  1. nry

    nry Minimodder

    1 Nov 2006
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    Bought this off ebay and it got damaged in transit. Now it wasnt insured and only cost me £10 but wondering if I can get it working again :eek:


    There are 2 sets of sockets on this, surge protected and battery

    On the device there is 4 leds, protected, power on, overload, check battery.

    Now the protected light works and power goes to the surge sockets. But nothing at all on the battery side.

    HAve checked inside as well and no lose cables. circuit board looks ok too. No fuses from what I can tell. IT just seems dead? Any ideas on what I could check?

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