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Motherboards Problem with XFX 680i lt SLI motherboard

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by pickledliver, 9 Dec 2009.

  1. pickledliver

    pickledliver What's a Dremel?

    9 Dec 2009
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    Hi all,

    I have just bought a 2nd 8800gt to use SLI with my original, and hit a problem.

    I can't get the card in the 2nd pci-e slot to work. Both cards work fine in the first slot.

    So far, I've tried with the SLI bridge, without the bridge, and by just putting a card in the 2nd slot, and nothing has worked - a card in the 2nd slot doesn't send any output to the monitor in any configuration.

    I've got a 700w SLI PSU, which I have just upgraded to see if the old PSU was the problem.

    Has anyone got any suggestions for anything else I can try?

    Thanks for any help.

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