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Windows Programming Help

Discussion in 'Software' started by sixfootsideburns, 22 Apr 2009.

  1. sixfootsideburns

    sixfootsideburns modeteer

    6 Feb 2009
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    Alright so I'm working on a project with a friend. We are building a very simplistic velocity governor using a stepper motor with a break arm attached. We are using a PICkit 2 micro-controller and we believe our input circuit is set up correctly. Our problem is coming in with the programming.

    We both know very little about programming and considering our professor is trying to help an entire class with their projects hes hard to get help from, haha

    Heres our plan though... We want to run a capture program that takes the output signal from a opticoupler and compare it to a preset value. That preset value will be our maximum velocity before the stepper motor is engages and applies the break arm (the stepper motor output isn't as important for the time being, we'll take that step when we get there :hehe:). Our problem is that we have to use an increment multiplier of the timers overflow and we are unsure how to set that up.

    Then relate that to the opticouplers output signal (which is directly related to velocity via some math that we have done).

    Not sure that is going to make sense, but hopefully it does.

    any help would be awesome,

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