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Scratch Build – In Progress *Project 105*

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by gunnerzz1008, 22 Jan 2015.

  1. gunnerzz1008

    gunnerzz1008 What's a Dremel?

    18 Jan 2015
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    Hi all, new here!

    Im 21, Studying Architectural Technology in my final year at Plymouth University and have only really had about 2 years experience in building computers. (Student loans :D ) Ended up buying a desktop to use at Uni for CAD and rendering softwares and gaming of course. From then I kept upgrading and eventually got more fussed about the aesthetics of it.

    I'm not going to lie, I often find myself staring through my perspex window in my case for what feels like an eternity. Just drifting off imaging what I can do to improve the way it looks. I like computers! I also have a keen interest in military history and some of my favourite PC games are of the war type FPS genre BF Series, ARMA etc.

    After spending hours trawling and drooling through modding threads I've decided to have a crack and do my own. Its going to be a steep learning curve and on a limited budget so I'm not expecting a product near some of the excellent standards that I see on here regularly. However, I hope that with my limited budget and slowly expanding skill set I can produce something that you and more importantly myself can be proud of.

    Anyway without further ado I bring to you *Project 105*


    The inspiration behind this build is my military interest and also the wall mounted PC's i've seen. I can't justify creating a wall pc, I have nowhere to put it and well its been done before. I was struggling to make it personal and unique.

    I am using an old surplus 105mm ammo box as the case for my build. Here is a sketchup mock up of how i'm planning on laying out the components. I'm still having issues with fan placement so any suggestions would be much appreciated! Its likely to be all exhaust unlike the picture.


    I am planning on inserting a piece of 5mm acrylic to mount components on and to hide cabling underneath. This will also hide the PSU and reservoir/pump units on boxed in.

    My budget for this build is a loose £100 to £200 inc. tools and other stuffs. I am using my current components to save money and as it is my first build I'm not going to try and pester anyone for sponsorship.

    Current components:
    PSU:Corsair CX750
    Motherboard: MSI 970a-G46
    CPU: AMD FX 8230 @4.2Ghz
    RAM: Kingston Hyper Fury White 16GB (4x4GB)
    GPU: ASUS Stryx 970
    Sound Card: Creative Z OEM
    Cooling: Raystorm EX240
    Corsair SP120 x 7
    Storage: 2x Kingston 3K SSD
    1x Seagate 1TB


    I have already started to prepare the box whilst I was waiting for my forum account to be accepted!

    Here is my progression so far.

    19th Jan

    Box Arrived

    Box in its rusty dirty glory

    Lid Rivets drilled out and sanding starting. Its hard work!

    As much as I could do by hand and with a palm sander that I caved and purchased :blush:

    22nd Jan

    Acrylic turned up early!

    That's all for now folks. Sorry for the huge first post!

    I'll try and update at least twice a week. Its an ongoing project that has to be balanced with University work.
    Last edited: 22 Jan 2015

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