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Case Mod - In Progress Project Abyss: Ideas and planning

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by llH4VOKll, 5 Oct 2009.

  1. llH4VOKll

    llH4VOKll What's a Dremel?

    21 Jul 2008
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    Hi guys I have another project up my sleeve, work is still being done to Harbinger almost done though. I'm going into a CAD engineering field and want a PC that has the space for the ever growing GPU cards "Harbinger is limited to 10.5 inch cards maximum." Concept renders will be done as I find time college and work has locked up all my time. The base case for this mod is a Dell XPS 710 red edition I got it on ebay for $60 US with a XPS 1000 watt psu "The psu is useless so I sold it lol". I've seen lots of Mac towers modded into ATX pc's but not one of these beast modded.
    Yeah its a tad bit dusty just a tad but heres the three quarter shot with everything except the bays stripped. . . for now:dremel: The front panel will be redone completely and dual BR-RW slot load drives will be used

    Rear panel yeah this thing is tall but the back panel will be redone for a number of reasons
    1) Looks crappy
    2) Its not ATX
    3) Dell XPS PSU's are much larger than normal PSU's so ATX PSU's have gaps in the mounting (look in pic below.)

    PSU area will be shifted down to where the HDD's would be normally to allow room for the radiator.
    Crossing my fingers a 480mm fits so far looks promising:D

    Like I said dusty but heres an inside shot of the case the I/O slot will have to be redone and I am thinking of a acrylic motherboard plate.

    Well thats it for now hopefully updates soon.

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