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Case Mod - In Progress Project: Coolsair!

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by OcSurfe, 7 Aug 2012.

  1. OcSurfe

    OcSurfe Uber Noob

    7 Aug 2012
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    Hi Guys, New on these forums so play nice! :p
    This project, is to take my current rig which is housed in a Corsair 650D and mod it to accommodate the new hardware. the name, CoolSair, well im using Corsair and Alphacool products throughout where i can as i love the quality of component that both companies produce.

    So the plan is,
    1. Mod the front of the case and the drive bays to accommodate the 240 alphacool Monsta Rad

    2. Looking at modding the roof to accommodate a 360 Alphacool 45mm rad

    3. Deciding whether i can fit a bay res or go with alternative.

    4. Putting my 2nd 670 in and applying waterblocks

    I feel that the hardest thing about this is gunna be the 360 rad in the roof. I know what i want to do, but whether i can get the finished product to look clean and crisp is debatable, mainly because of the recess that is in the roof atm. Going to have Nate at E22 do me a custom grill to fit it in the roof!
    here are some pictures of the rig as it stands atm;



    the colour scheme is in the middle of a blue to red transition, was waiting for whenever the Maximus V Formula finally got released in the UK, its been ordered so can crack on with the next part soon!
    the first order of the the monsta rad and what ill be using to bolt it into the front will be arriving from specialtech at the start of this comming weeks so ill update as soon as it arrives.

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