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Case Mod - In Progress project darkness hell

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by dark viper zwolle, 15 May 2011.

  1. dark viper zwolle

    dark viper zwolle What's a Dremel?

    15 May 2011
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    project DARKNESS HELL

    hi i am DVZ from the Netherlands i am new here en i want tho show here my small skills tho
    after 2 projects future cop and black lagoon i am making a new project

    this is my old build systems
    future cop
    black lagoon
    i am whit this fan mod of the tfc triebwerks put on the tfc home page whit it

    now i build my new build

    hardware i am using

    main hardware parts
    cpu - intel i7 920 D0
    mohterboard - asus ramepage 3 extreme
    memory - ocz 3x2gb 6 gb kit @ 1600
    video cards - 2x gtx480 in sli (1 asus / 1 evga
    optional phyix card - 1x 8800 ultra
    psu - corsair 1000 watt voeding
    hard drive`s - 3x 1tb black hd`s 1x 640gb green 1x kingston 64 gb ssd
    case - xspc h1 cube

    watercooling parts
    ek parts
    HF suprem
    rex3 plexi/nikkel
    gtx480 plexi/nikkel
    2x 360 rad`s
    2x spin bay acetale

    2x d5 whit koolance tops

    gpu rad 6x coolermaster 120 mm fan`s red stock
    cpu rad 3x tfc triebwerk red led 1800 mid rpm
    side pannel`s L+R 3x coolermaster 120 mm red
    top pannel 3x coolermaster 120mm red

    fan controll /flow/sensor
    koolance tms-200

    cable clips from mdpc-x

    led`s red off course
    how what and where
    under the motherboard - pulse effect
    8800 ultra - pulse/ore just on
    ek spinbay - pulse / ore just on
    ek hf supreme - pulse /sound active
    ek rex3 - pulse / sound active
    onder de kast - pulse / sound active

    what i need
    4 meter leds smd led`s strips

    later i com up white more idea`s

    my English is not that good most of the talk i let it be @ the photo`s
    for question you my ask and i answer it

    hardware photo shoot and some fun shots


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