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Scratch Build – In Progress Project Forza

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by CombatMods, 2 Aug 2012.

  1. CombatMods

    CombatMods New Member

    2 Aug 2012
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    Hey guys this has been a mod idea i have had in mind for a long time now but now i have all the technical parts out of the way and Forza Horizons is being released soon i can get to work on my project :dremel:


    I shall be using a push start and stop button. This is going to be used to power the computer on/off. I have to keep this like a real car seen as Forza is so realistic.


    I am going to have the whole case coated in carbon fibre. I shall be doing this by using the Hydro Dipping method. More on that later


    The case shall be custom made. I am currently drawing up plans for the case and i will post up pictures of that shortly. You guys remember the Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 special edition. You know the one with the chainsaw sound when it starts. well i have created a circuit using a PCB (programmable), some resistors, some cable, a speaker, and lots of time and hard work and finally i finished it. It took 6 months to create and now i can have my PC sound like a car starting when i press the power button. This is top secret design and i shall not be posting pictures of it. :nono:

    More on this project as it unveils. This Forza based pc could be so fast you miss it so please subscribe to keep track of it. :thumb:

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