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Case Mod - In Progress Project: Hard Drive Storage Unit

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by Nuffenburger, 29 Jul 2008.

  1. Nuffenburger

    Nuffenburger The Burgerman Can

    18 Sep 2007
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    Hello Again everyone..
    Im Nuffenburger as some of you may know from a few other case mod's i have done
    I have started a new one.
    The rackmount cage is finished and is in melbourne getting galvanised, *its massive:)*.

    This time round i am going to start on my hard drives, not modding them, but modding the surroundings of them.

    A couple of weeks ago i got a free p3 case off an uncle, it is a compaq desktop pro. Very Very tiny.
    It has the capacity to fit heaps of hard drives stacked 3x3x3 dxhxw however i dont want that many hard drives. i only want a few :)
    I have 7 old hard drives, that i will be using for now until i get the funds to pay for the new 500gb ones, which i will buy 6 of.
    The reason i am going with 7 is because today whilst modding i sat the case on a chair. and a shadow got cast over it creating a 7 shape.
    so i left it there, got a pencil.and went around the edges.

    I have decided to go with something fancy something that will stick out at a LAN or something. so the colors i have chosen are as follows.

    Light Green*
    Orange x-15*
    and a little bit of red *which you wont really see that often.

    I have only pictures of the booth that i have set up
    using heaps of plastic *i bought a new couch recently*
    and my old table tennis table.

    Here are the results. i hope you like it.


    The dome ^^


    ^ The front of the case


    ^ The case front and bezels


    Whilst in Mitre 10 i came accross gutter leaf busters * may i add they don't work.* but i had a better idea.
    I want to install them as the cases side walls.
    They are simple.

    squares about 1cmx1cm in 9 columns and 3-4 rows *depending on the height*
    i will get the ones with 3 rows.

    I will get a picture of them as soon as i get them.

    I have also thought maybe i will add some nice gauges to the case to give it some look.
    So i had a look in the pvc pipe area and i found a sketchy looking piece of pvc that would look good as a house for a guage.
    I did not buy it, as i allready have the materials i need to make it..
    I will post sketches of the case with the guages as soon as i get time.

    I am working on it all day tomorrow.
    Starting at 9 am.
    Finishing at 9pm
    12 hour shift.
    Stopping to get lunch. & More supplies.

    Anyway off to bed for me i have an early start in the morning.

    *btw i am from Australia* so its 2am at the moment.
    and i have to wake up ... .in 7 hours :)
    gotta love commitment
    Thanks all

    Hope you like this project(s).


    Actually just before i go.
    heres a sneak peak at a few things
    If you can tell me what i shall use them for.
    I will put your name on the case.*your bit-tech username*

    or if you come up with a better idea than what i had then *i will use that idea and i will give all credits to you*
    Thanks again


    -- Burgerman

    (no double posting for me =])
  2. bigsharn

    bigsharn Officially demotivated

    9 May 2008
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    That thing in the middle screams FAN CONTROL!

    Possibly for cooling fans near the hard drives?

    And I don't know about anyone else, but to me the side bits look a little like handles... whether they'll work or not I have no idea:)
  3. Nuffenburger

    Nuffenburger The Burgerman Can

    18 Sep 2007
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    Well you got the fan controller right but the other two are going to be displays
    I got my power button today :)
    its big.
    i have more pictures of the front of my case*not the hard drive case*
    oh and my keyboard is almost done.
    just sanding back every key atm. =]
    shall post when i am finished. more pics
  4. Nuffenburger

    Nuffenburger The Burgerman Can

    18 Sep 2007
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    keyboard w/o keys*sanding keys still :(*


    front of my case



    bit of crappy plastic bondo :(


    not the best job.
    but it turned out rather good.
    im just waiting for more pics :)
    i am putting either a 4.5" LCD or a 7" LCD in the front.
    depends on how i do it.

    what would you prefer, a 4.5" LCD or a 7" touchscreen =]

    I am getting a new power button. the one i got wasn't as good as the one i want. =]

    Im thinking of chrome keys for the keyboard. although the chrome costs 20$*not much* lol
    or i could just have them orange.

    And does anybody know where you can buy those letters printed on the laminate?
    where you can just stick it onto the keyboard.

    I get my new dremel soon.
    Proper Dremel only $50 from a mate :D brand new
    cause he works at bunnings lol

    Yehh im loving the case modding scene.

    I would like to hear everyone elses input to what design i should have on the front of the case.
    i am covering two of my bezel holes in the front of my case to make room for the 7" touchscreen if i decide to go with that.
    Thanks for watching this thread to those of you who watch it. =]

  5. Nuffenburger

    Nuffenburger The Burgerman Can

    18 Sep 2007
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    The Chrome Keys are drying at the moment, awaiting their second coat.
    Once they are done i will put them into the keyboard and take a picture.
    They look brilliant from my view.
    I hope i will get a good shot from my camera.

    I was thinking maybe put usb in my keyboard so i didnt have to plug everything straight into my computer but that was going to turn out harder than i expected so i decided not to.

    I have no idea what colour to paint the chassis of the case.
    I was thinking white but heaps of people now are doing white.

    Maybe orange for the chassis.
  6. Nuffenburger

    Nuffenburger The Burgerman Can

    18 Sep 2007
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    Well the keyboard turned out really good.
    So did the fan controller
    And the power button
    Very Chrome.
    Although i might change the color of the power button as i think it might not


    The keyboard w/o Letters.=]

    Also it started raining yesterday and ruined some of my painting *not the keyboard*
    just the hard drive enclosure case.
    So i have to bog it up again, and sand it back.
    Then i have to paint again.
    fun fun all in a days work.=]

    -- Burgerman

    --Any ideas i will gladly take.
  7. Nuffenburger

    Nuffenburger The Burgerman Can

    18 Sep 2007
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    The Hard Drive case is done on the outside.* not finished yet on the inside*
    i am going to make a htpc because im kinda sick of burning dvd's and cd's.
    I will use one of my other cases. and i will tell you the specs.

    CPU: E2140 1.6ghz
    Motherboard: Asus p5kpl
    Graphics: HD ATI RADEON e3840 512mb
    ram: 2gb
    hard drive:1x500gb 1x40gb *for the os*
    seasonic power supply

    I will be using windows media centre for the os.

    Also Updates on my case coming tomorrow.
    I am almost finished sanding the front panel and instead of the original 8" LCD i had planned i found a cheap 17" LCD Screen
    So i will use that instead.*yes its massive compared to the front of the case width*
    however i want it to look different.
    So this will look good*i have a newer design*
    The LCD panel will no longer be on the front.
    The front will be occupied by fan controllers and temperature monitors.
    The lcd will be encased on the far side of the case and will swivel up rotate and swivel back down again to reveal itself
    I will show you once it is mounted.
    *i hope you all like it*
    I also hope it will not get to hot.

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