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Scratch Build – In Progress Project Neophyte - Update - 2/09/12 - Back to the build & New Hardware!!!

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by Briaireous, 15 Jan 2012.

  1. Briaireous

    Briaireous New Member

    29 Nov 2011
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    Hey i-blaze,

    Wow im really sorry i missed your reply and i hope you managed to get things sorted out im sorry i could have been more helpful sooner :( but thank you for your kind words about my project

    Although I prolly wont be able to help you at this stage maybe i can help someone else in the future so ill answer the question I think i understand what your asking :). Basically after i had made the panels and frame etc I decided how i was going to mount it. Not the best way but as im quite impatient.

    I mounted an old Motherboard onto the motherboard tray i made and used the back panel IO plate that came with it to chose my location, its totally up to you where you choose to make the incision into the back panel. I chose my position based on the on the other components, such as custom made reservoir I will be making soon as well as graphics card height. I recommend giving yourself alot of leeway as this future proofs you as well.

    Also remember to make your life easy and mount it where you can get the most support for it which for me was the top left corner and because i used angle aluminium I can get a few centimeters extra as im making the motherboard overlap a small portion of the frame adding extra strength.

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