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Project ::Satan's (new) Tower::

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by Ketnar, 20 Sep 2002.

  1. Jamie

    Jamie ex-Bit-Tech code junkie

    12 Mar 2001
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    What is the reason for mouting the PSU on its side?
  2. philth

    philth What's a Dremel?

    25 Jul 2002
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    An atx psu is bigger than the standard at psu so it won't fit in sideways, presumably :idea:

  3. Ketnar

    Ketnar What's a Dremel?

    19 Sep 2002
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    Sideway is the only way.

    Thats exactly it.

    the old AT power supplys were simply -huge-, ATX power supplys are much smaller.

    In fact, i have so much room next to the power supply thats in there now, i could add a -second- one without much problem.

    but yes, the ATX power supplys literaly -fit through the hole- for the old AT power supply. huge size diffrence. :wallbash:

    On the upside - that added space might very well be where i hide some of the mods electronics and such, keep em up high and out of the way where the windows cant see them. :) we will see, (or not, for that matter) what hides there.

    This case is just so ungodly huge, there are lots of places to sneak things around which will never be seen otherwise. at least that wont be a problem later. :D

    Good lord, is everybody having a birthday today? Yesh, oh well, better camoflage for my own b-day. :worried:

    sidenote: I have been checking my materials, i have enough to do the backplate, BUT, i have -one- shot at it, no fatal mistakes, no turning back.

    also, a couple people elsewhere have asked me whats up with the crappy hardware thats in the case right now, and i never thought to mention it. the mobo is a old board i use for refrence, it doesnt even work anymore. :)

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