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Case Mod - In Progress Project: Shadow ~CLC First Official Build Log~

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by Cyber Locc, 1 Nov 2012.

  1. Cyber Locc

    Cyber Locc What's a Dremel?

    1 Nov 2012
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    Okay so The plan is a nzxt swicth 810 se matte black. Everything in the case will be black matte black where possible with some blue accents. And hopefully it will be a very silent PC that's what Im going for from the shadows you wont see it coming. It will be fully water cooled with 2 rads probably 420 and a 280 but maybe a 240.

    Any comments feedback needed and wanted!

    So the question on everyone's mind the components! I will strike out the components as I get them.

    NZXT Swicth 810 se matte black
    Z77 Sabertooth
    Ivy i5 3550k (Currently have a i5 2400)
    Dominator ram 16gb 2 x 8gb (32 eventually)
    Cougar vortexs black ones throughout
    Wd blue single platter 1tb
    Samsung 830 128gb
    Samsung 830 128gb (raid0)
    GTX 680 (or 670 Cheesecake suggestion?)
    GTX 680 (second card in sli)
    Corsair AX 850
    Raystorm cpu block
    XSPC EX420
    Alphacool 280 (maybe 240)
    D5 water pump
    Bitspower rez
    Black primo chill tubing
    compression fitting black
    compression elbows black
    dvd drive
    Some kind of fan controller suggestions? Got NZXT Hue instead
    Razer death adder
    Razer blackwidow Sadly Not stealth because I got a great deal on a regular one.

    Current build (IN Progess) [​IMG]

    Okay so got the case today so my thoughts on it.
    First off I love this case its excellent and huge. Really its huge i had know idea how big it realy was until it arrived so plan for it too take some space. Basically its everything id expect from a high end case might even be up there with lian li adn other extremely expensive cases. The one bad thing i have to say so far is the center spring loaded thumb screws are junk. 5 mins after taking it out of the box one of them broke. I was going to call NZXT and ask for a replacement until after completing the build in it the other one broke so I give up on those.

    Got my NZXT HUE yesterday and I must say I love it and for all those wondering it covers the switch short of maybe 3-4 inches but you wont notice. If your considering it jsut get it you wont be disappointed I spent maybe 100 dollars in different led strips trying to get the color blue I wanted and finally got this and got my blue.thumb.gif

    This the ruff idea for the loop and feedback welcomed
    xspc raystorm ex420 kit with bay rez
    alphacool or phyoba 280 rad
    monsoon fittings
    danger den fill ports on the top under the vent lid and on the bottom for a drain
    bitspower valve for the drain
    bitspower t
    neoprene flat black tubing
    evga water block for the 670 Cheesecake
    Will add more as I think of it

    My idea for the drain
    The T will be directly connect to the rad with a g1/4 to g1/4 connector and the valve will be connected to the T the same way and a compression fitting on top to the rez tube and one from the valve to the drain tube. The reason for the valve is so there is no static water sitting in the tube as I feel that would create issues with flow and algae. Therefore the valve will always be closed and when draining is needed i can remove the cap place the pc over the sink and open the valve. With this method there is no chance of water spilling on hardware as it will come from the bottom of the case. I plan on ruuning the tube for the drain behind the rad so only the T, the valve and a tiny bit of tube will show.

    With the fill port I see no need for a valve as the tube will go down as the rez water evaptorates so will also help by auto topping off from the water in the tube. Due to it being the highest point I believe the water will circulate as its weight and so will not be static.

    I chose the water direction as I think it will have the least stress on the pump as it will only need to push the water to the top rad and then mechanics will take over moving it throught the loop. Also I know the cards will put out more heat thus the 420 is after the cards before the cpu so the water can cool off then cool the cpu. The 280 rad should be enuff to cool the cpu as the water will cool some during the travel through the pump and rez and only needs to take off the heat generated by the cpu.

    I am by no means an expert at Water Cooling so any thoughts opinions are appericated.

    I took apart the nzxt fans to paint them satin black which was easy just pull the sticker and pop out the ring. Although there only going to be in the case for a little while I would rather them be black even if only for a short time. Plus decking out full 20 dollar fans is last on my list.(although i have 3 cougars ordered already to fill the remaining slots in the case but the rest can wait.) I will post pics once the fans are dry enuff to put back together and i will post picks of the blades tomorrow as i am tired.

    Okay got pics of the temp fans lol
    They look pretty good I would have posted instructions how to just paint the blades with pics but its all over already lol.

    This is the intake fan in motion an I showed the front panel mod. So I didn't like that little grill area with no filter. So what I did was cut a piece of the cloth screen from speaker dust covers. I cut it to a little bigger than the grill basically the size of the ledge around it, and super glued it down. The tricky part was the angle on there but I got it around by super gluing to the curves as well. Just figured Id show a quick fix to those like me who hate dust and not having filters. I also actually did something similar to the grill on the i/o shield of my sabertooths so even its assist fan is dust filtered lol. (ill take pics next time i have the board out.)

    http://www.overclock.net/content/type/61/id/1076856/width/500/height/1000/flags/LL[IMG]The top fans with the panel off.

    [IMG]http://www.overclock.net/content/type/61/id/1102413/width/500/height/1000/flags/LL[IMG]This idea owes credit to Gallien from ocn. The side panel is just one sheet of acrylic no metal. I did deviate a little from Gallien's however. he panel is held on by Velcro strips across the entire top and bottom rail slides and flushes with the side rails i then trimmed the edges of the acrylic with electrical tape to hide the Velcro and give it a cleaner look. (if you want to do this you will need a piece of acrylic 21x201/4 inches and some industrial strength Velcro. Lowe's will cut it for you at least they did for me.)

    Okay so the drive bays Look to plain with my full case window gotta do something about that. Eventually I plan to get a laser cut steel plate but for now Im using this one.
    How I made this well simple its just printed on photo paper used some left over acrylic and used slim double side tape to hold it to the plate. I trimmed the edges with electrical tape and lined the back with it for strength. I then drilled holes in the side of the plate so it bolts down to the drive bays.

    PSU so I love corsair and there psus but it looks kinda of plain and lame. So I made this.

    he shadow logo I was going to use to cover the SD card reader cover but decided against it. The faces in the shadows however have been printed on photo paper and sprayed 4 times with clear gloss acrylic making it a semi thick plate like. I then cut it out and painted the edges black with a sharpie and double sided taped it down to the psu here is a pic of it on
    In the next few weeks when he is not so busy a buddy of mine is going to airbrush this on the front fan cover for me.

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