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Planning Project: Shiny

Discussion in 'Modding' started by M_D_K, 15 Jul 2015.

  1. M_D_K

    M_D_K Minimodder

    3 Apr 2002
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    Well its been a fair few years since I've done anything related to computers & seeing as though I've been drawn back to the windows environment I'm going to throw together a little PC based on the ITX platform because it takes up less space.

    Couple concept pics,
    [​IMG]Case V1_02 by Morgan Lee, on Flickr
    [​IMG]Case V1_2 by Morgan Lee, on Flickr

    & This is the material it'll be made out of.
    [​IMG]Untitled by Morgan Lee, on Flickr

    Mirror polished stainless steel.

    Going to start making it next week, need to do a couple test pieces but should be good to go :).

    One thing I do want to change is the vandal button does anyone know where you can get a larger version of that I want a big on button but can't really find any.

    Till the next time :).

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