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Peripherals Ps2 Network Adapter

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by tech3312, 28 May 2010.

  1. tech3312

    tech3312 Where's my dremel o.0

    1 Apr 2007
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    Hey I recently bought a ps2 network adapter for the ps2 NTSC. When I hook the drive up and turn it on The hard drive does not get recognized. I tested it with 5 other IDE harddrives but it still does not recognize. then My first assumption was that the network adapter was dead. But when i tested it by Going online on socom and test my connection it was sucessful so i was wondering if someone had the same problem and if they did, what was their solution?


    it id a non ps2 hard drive
    hard drive are set to master.
    hard drive are formatted
    It is a US Ps2 NTSC

    I think that all i can think of.

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