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PSP / Vita PSP Network Store

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by sandys, 21 Nov 2007.

  1. sandys

    sandys Multimodder

    26 Mar 2006
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    I know there are a couple of PSP owners on here, there may even be some owners with legit PSPs :lol: for those of you with a legit PSP that want access to new content or those of you thinking about getting a PSP you can get yourself games, demos and movie trailers etc. for playback on your PSP from the new Store. Some of the stuff you'll find on the PS3 Store as they are PS1 games but a couple of good classic ones there like Crash bandicoot, Wipeout and Syphon filter(3).


    You can use your existing PSN login to access the PSP store if you have one or create one.

    You have to use this software To transfer stuff to PSP, of course you need an updated PSP to run this stuff Boo, if there is one thing that mars the Playstation online experience its the forced updating when ever you want to use the online stores.

    Prices on the whole are OK, downloadable fullprice PSP games like should be cheaper though as a lot of the titles like gosudoko can be picked up on UMD for £5 as they are old but they are £9.99 on PSPStore. Still £3.50 for PS1 games and a few free demos and trailers don't hurt.

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