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Electronics PSU connector part numbers

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Hazer, 18 Sep 2004.

  1. Hazer

    Hazer In time,you too will be relixalated

    14 Apr 2003
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    Have you wanted to get just the plugs and pins for your standard ATX PSU?
    Sick of looking endlessly?
    Well, Ive got nothing better to do on a Friday night, so here you go:

    Included are the ordering numbers from Mouser since they sell most of this in single peices.

    HDD connectors (basic 4 pin stuff):

    Male receptacle (whats on the PSU cable, although pins are female)

    Molex 8981-04P
    AMP 1-480424
    Mouser PN 571-14804240

    Panel mount Male receptacle

    Mouser PN 571-14804250

    Pins for Male receptacles

    Mouser PN 571-606191

    Female housing (panel or free, device end)

    Mouser PN 571-14804260

    PCB housing (device end)

    Mouser PN 571-3502111

    Pins for Female housings

    Mouser PN 571-606201

    90 degree in-line receptacles (cable end, no back cover)

    Mouser PN 571-770156X (3 colors)

    20 pin ATX Main connector

    Receptacle (cable end)

    Molex 39-01-2200
    Mouser PN 571-2794954-0

    Pins for receptacle

    Mouser PN 571- 15863151

    PCB header

    Mouser PN 571-215860370

    Free header

    Mouser PN 571-215860000

    Panel mounter header

    Mouser PN 571-27949530

    Pins for header

    Mouser PN 571-15863141

    ATX 12V AUX 4pin connector

    4 pin receptacle (cable end)

    Molex 39-01-2040
    Mouser PN 571-7949544

    Pins for receptacle

    Mouser PN 571-15863151

    Free header

    Mouser PN 571-15860004

    Panel header

    Mouser PN 571-7949534

    PCB header

    Mouser PN 571-15860374

    Pins for headers

    Mouser PN 571-15863141

    Floppy drive connector

    Receptacle (cable end)

    AMP 171822-4

    Aux 6pin power connector

    receptacle (cable end)

    Molex 90331-XX10

    Mouser has these plugs for like 20 cents each. You can order as many (or as little) as you wish, but get the pins too. Dunno how many people care about this stuff, but I certainly value it. :geek:
  2. Starbuck3733T

    Starbuck3733T Look out sugar, here it comes

    16 Sep 2002
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  3. warmonger

    warmonger What's a Dremel?

    20 Apr 2002
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    I recently spent a while looking for SATA power connectors, so I figured I would share the info with anyone else that might need it.

    SATA power connectors
    Female Receptacle, 180 degree: (requires pins below)
    Molex P/N: 67582-0000
    Pin for 180 degree receptacle above: (need 5 per receptacle)
    Molex P/N: 67581-0010
    Molex P/N: 67581-0011
    Molex P/N: 67581-0012
    (The only difference is plating thickness, any of these pins would work for most people)

    Female Receptacle, 90 degree: (requires back-piece below)
    Molex P/N: 67926-0011
    Female Receptacle, 90 degree, with latch: (requires back-piece below)
    Molex P/N: 67926-0001
    Pass-Through back-piece for 90 degree receptacles above:
    Molex P/N: 67926-0041
    Feed-To back-piece for 90 degree receptacles above:
    Molex P/N: 67926-0040
  4. landspeeder95

    landspeeder95 What's a Dremel?

    11 May 2010
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    thank you
  5. NavidsonRecord

    NavidsonRecord Where the bloody hell are ya'?

    5 Jan 2010
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    really helpfull thank you
  6. politeNovice

    politeNovice What's a Dremel?

    27 Feb 2012
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    @Hazer, @starbuck3733T, @warmonger..........Thank you very much, I am going to wade through all this information and see if perhaps I can find exactly What I am looking for!

    ....it looks as though the male connector pin from molex,#02081236(male pin) is classified obsolete. I see that many of the peripheral(male-pin) housing receptacles that are manufactured by molex are classified as "wire to board". The only wire to wire male-housing receptacle is from mate'n'lock by TE: http://www.te.com/catalog/pn/en/1-480426-0#features

    I would think that it would be silly that nobody manufactures and sells the male version of Molex#0002081202....and I mean in a way which is completely separate from any type of Receptacle housing....

    In any event, Your fine responses may contain the solution I need, so thanks again, and I shall get busy here.

    And FYI to any other newbies out here...when you order your connectors...some model numbers differ based on the way they are packaged. And unless you want to buy tens of thousands at a time, look for connectors which are sold in bags rather than reels, because they usually seem not to have a minimum # per order.

    Thanks again!


  7. politeNovice

    politeNovice What's a Dremel?

    27 Feb 2012
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    Wonderful, Yes this was helpful to me! I was looking for a good way to order both parts, Mouser PN: 60619-1 and 60620-1. I don't even have to order a thousand at a time! whew!

    I hope that this information will remain available to other folks like myself, who may find great use of it at times.

    Have a great day,

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