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Cooling Question on optional mounting of tower cooler...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by m0ng0lh0rde, 10 Mar 2007.

  1. m0ng0lh0rde

    m0ng0lh0rde New Member

    5 Jun 2004
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    I am considering getting a Tuniq120 tower cooler, or maybe the Thermaltake equivalent.

    My question is, as these are rather massive coolers, would it be possible to mount them to my motherboard tray, rather than using the plain "X" bracket that's included?

    I'd be leary of the X bracket providing enough distribution of the load, especially in my tower case....

    Perhaps putting some acrylic, or lexan between the tray and the motherboard, with mounting screws going through into the motherboard tray?

    Has anyone done something like this?

    How hard is it?
  2. Spaceraver

    Spaceraver Ultralurker

    19 Jan 2006
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    you could do that without problems. Just remember to keep clear of resistors on the backside, and you should be fine.
    Last edited: 10 Mar 2007

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