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quick ram question

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SparkuS, 31 Oct 2005.

  1. SparkuS

    SparkuS What's a Dremel?

    27 Jul 2003
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    My system situation has recently switched to ddr2, which im not completely sure about.

    Can you mix ddr2 (samsung) 400 2x256mb pc3200 with say Corsair 2x512MB DDR2 Value Select PC5300 Dual Channel Kit to equal 1 and a half gigs of ram?

    what are the key things that must match? The PC3200 will limit the other rams speed? But do the Clock speeds have to match - the Corsair being 667mhz.

    Looking to spend no more than £100 on additional/replacement ram. Is value ram my best option?
  2. Fr4nk

    Fr4nk Tyrannosaurus Alan !

    12 Mar 2005
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    Well, the samsung 2X256 would knock down the other corsair ram down to pc3200, this should be done automaticly. But if your going to buy some PC5300(667mhz) ram its max speed will only be pc3200(200mhz).

    So IMO i would just sell the samsung 2x256, and buy a value 2gb kit, preffably Geil, Coerair or any other "well known brands".


    P.S- Happy Holloween :D

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