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RED or LED..

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by :: kna ::, 9 Aug 2001.

  1. :: kna ::

    :: kna :: POCOYO! Moderator

    15 Mar 2001
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    questions answered here.. :D
  2. [GiB] Spawny

    [GiB] Spawny Xqpack Lovin

    2 May 2001
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    I did my 8210 a few months ago and a M8's :)

    In blue and everyone wants to know where I got it from and how I did it?

    I got the LEDS from Farnell

    HSMB-C190: LED, SMD Blue.

    £9.54, VAT and shipping to Guernsey, and we don't have to pay VAT, thats another story. I ordered 28, a couple of spares, have you seen how small these suckers are!

    Still nice and bright, stands out from a crowd.

    I was going to do a review, but didn't see the point as it's been done to death:confused:

    Lets just say I work for a Telco and we are service agents for Ericsson and soon to be Nokia.
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