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Case Mod - Complete Red Rabbit

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by Kiyosen, 17 Jul 2019.

  1. Kiyosen

    Kiyosen What's a Dremel?

    17 Jul 2019
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    Just made an account after i finished a build i did for my uncle the other day, 2nd mod ive ever done and while its not as well polished as most other builds on here i think it came out well, it was built on a budget of only $400 though and for the price i dont think you could do much better, i built it on an nzxt s340 chassis that was heavily scratched up gross and dirty i got for super cheap so i tore it apart and redid the paint, i also replaced the scratched up plexiglass with a decent piece of glass i got from ace hardware, i also of course painted on the requested rabbits thing on the side (i thought it was a bit tacky but my uncle loved it so i suppose thats what matters) i also made the simple gpu backplate, its not the most complex modding ever or anything but i thought it might be interesting seeing as its only $400

    -r9 290x (overclocked to 1365mhz)
    -x5675 (overclocked to 4.34 mhz)
    -12gb of ddr3 ram in tripple channel configuration (overclocked to 2200mhz or something like that, i cant remember specifically what it was)
    -noctua nh-d9dx i4 3
    -asus rampage iii gene
    -2 240gb wd hard drives in raid 0
    -crucial bx500 120gb ssd
    -evga 500 watt psu (little bit low in power for the build but it works fine, i anticipate a little but of upgrading in the next few years anyways)
    And an nzxt s340 case

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